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Teacher-led and student-paced mode
Teacher-led and student-paced mode
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Each interactive lesson, handout, or worksheet can be assigned to students in one of the following ways: live (teacher-led) mode and student-paced (asynchronous) mode.

Student-paced mode

This mode best suits asynchronous learning, such as homework, quizzes, and various introductory materials. You can learn more about the details of assignments in a student-paced mode in our Help Center.

Live (teacher-led) mode

Allows teachers to conduct real-time assessments. It is best suited for online classes and activities that need to be performed under the teacher's supervision and control.

To assign students an online task, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the required worksheet (Edform)

  2. Click Start teacher-led lesson

  3. Set the details in the settings section and click Confirm

  4. Your live lesson is created. Share a link ( and a unique code with your students or a QR code for them to join the room.

  5. Once at least one person joins the room, you can click Start lesson.

Monitor students' answers by clicking Show responses: review their results in real-time.

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