How to track usage statistics?
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Create teams, add team members, and monitor their activity.

Accessing the admin panel on Edform, you can go to the Usage statistics section.

You will have access to the following data:

1. Teacher Score board - Rank distribution of teachers by the number of tasks created for the selected period.

2. Active teachers - The number of teachers who have created an assignment in the selected period.

3. Assignments - The number of assignments created by teachers in the selected period.

4. Students joined - The number of students who joined assignments in the selected period.

5. Edforms created - The number of Edforms created by teachers in the selected period.

To track the activity of certain teachers or a team of teachers, you can set the following filters:

  1. Select team (Here, you can select either the parent unit - the main one - or any subordinate team)

  2. Select a time period (specify which period you are interested in monitoring)

Once you have set the needed filters, click the following icon to apply filters to the shown statistics.

Note: when selecting a team for tracking, you will be offered a list of groups you have already created. If you have yet to create any teams from the currently activated users, the usage page will display the statistics for the entire organization.

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