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Add or import users to your organization
Add or import users to your organization
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Open access to the subscription for teachers by inviting them to teams. This can be done from the Admin Portal.

There are two ways to get to the user management tab through the Admin Portal:

  1. On the Manage teams page, click on the number of team members. After doing this, you will be immediately redirected to the page with the members of the team you clicked on.

  2. On the top bar of the admin page, click Manage users. The page displays all users until you specify search filters.

You can add new team members on the Manage Users page by clicking Add Users.

Choose the option to add/import users:

  1. Enter the information for each user separately. Fill in details: email, type of team member, and specify the team to which you add the person. By clicking on the Add another user button, a field will appear where you can fill in the information about the new team member.

  2. Email list. If you have a list of users' emails that you want to invite to the team, you can copy this list and paste it into the Email list tab. Paste emails separated by commas or one email per line and click Import. After that, you'll need to enter the role and team to join.

  3. Import CSV file. To automate the process of adding users, use CSV files. Using this template, add users to the table and then import the table through the Admin portal.

Note: You can enter a first and last name when adding a user to distinguish between the invitations sent. But it is optional since these data are pulled up when a person registers on the platform.

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