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Import a class from Google Classroom
Import a class from Google Classroom
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The Edform platform opens up a wide range of teaching opportunities for you. The interactive lessons created on Edform allow you to use them with other applications, such as Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. By creating a class on Google Classroom, you can easily add all registered students to the class on Edform.

Import students from Google Classroom

To import students from Google Classroom, you need to have a registered Google Classroom account and at least 1 class there (the Google account should not necessarily be the one linked to your Edform account).

  1. Go to the "My Classes" section.

  2. On the top panel, click "Import from Google Classroom."

  3. Select your Google account and give Edform access to the data:

  4. Select the required class. If you have several classes, they will be displayed in the drop-down list.

  5. Be sure to mark the grade level in the corresponding line.

  6. The class with enrolled students will be imported to Edform.

You can also import classes from different Google accounts.

  • Click "Import from Google Classroom."

  • In the pop-up window, choose “Switch account.” This action will lead you to the logging-in pop-up page.

Sync student roster

When removing or adding students to Google Classroom, you need to update the list of students on the Edform platform. You can do this with one click on the class page in the "My classes" section on Edform.

Simply go to the class page and click on the button "Refresh roster."

Once this action is performed, the up-to-date list of students will be displayed in the class.

Create an assignment for Google Classroom

There are several ways to set tasks for students.

  • Find a ready-made lesson in the library of interactive online tasks on Edform and click the "Assign worksheet" button.

  • Create your own interactive online lesson using the Edform Builder. To do this, click the "Create Edform" button and upload a document in an acceptable format (read more about acceptable formats here).

After creating or selecting an activity from the library, assign it to your class.

  1. Select a class synchronized with Google Classroom from the list.

  2. Configure the assignment settings: set a deadline, time limit, etc.

  3. Click "Confirm."

This assignment will automatically appear on the Google Classroom page and will be available to all registered students.


After clicking on the invitation link, students will be asked to log in with Google accounts. The assignment will be accessible ONLY to those Google accounts that are registered in the class where the teacher set the activity.

This is what the link to the assignment in Google Classroom looks like:

Sync grades with Google Classroom

Edform offers full integration with Google Classroom, including synchronization and grade transfer. All assignments graded on Edform will be automatically synced to Google Classroom.

How does the sync of grades happen?

It is as easy as follows:

  1. Assign the task to the class connected to Google Classroom.

  2. Once the task is turned in, the teacher in the "Reports" section can check the student's answers (if there were types of questions with manual grading on the worksheet) and correct the grades.

  3. Edform syncs SCORE (not points) in the range from 0 to 100.

    The score will be transferred to Google Classroom as soon as the student submits the assignment. You do not need to take extra steps to do this. It is an automatic action.

  4. If you correct the grade on the Edform platform, the score will be changed, so as the grade on the Google Classroom page.


Assignments completed on Edform appear in Google Classroom in the draft so the teacher can manually grade the work on his scale, if necessary, and return the task to the student.

Import classes from Google Classroom and set assignments on Edform with automatic synchronization to Google Classroom.

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