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After you create your interactive lesson in the builder or find a ready-made one in the worksheet library, you can assign it to your students.

  1. Go to the worksheet page and click "Assign Worksheet."

  2. You will be redirected to the page where you can:

    • Change the assignment name.

    • Set the deadline (put the tick in the corresponding box and choose the deadline date).

    • Assign the activity for a particular class on Edform or assign it to a guest student who can access the worksheet via a link.

    • Set a time limit, allow reviewing the worksheet after submission, and show correct answers and scores.

  3. Click "Confirm" and share the assignment with the student using the possible ways:

    • Share with the link or Google Classroom.

    • Share the unique code of your assignment.

    • Embed code to your website.


The student's work is considered a session. The number of sessions equals the number of students participating in the assignment. The teacher can reopen the session, provide a link, and close each session separately. Limit sessions per assignment for live and student-paced mode:

  • Free users: max 50 sessions

  • Pro plan: max 500 sessions

  • School&Districts plan: up to 2000 sessions

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