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To join the referral program, you can use several invitation options to get your friend to the Edform platform.

Invite via Email

Enter your colleague's name in the provided field and click "send."

Your colleague will receive an email with a link inside, clicking on which they will be able to register on the platform, and both of you get a free paid subscription for 1 week.

Invite via Facebook

You will be redirected to your Facebook page by clicking on the appropriate button; the link will already be attached as part of the post.

You can place the post in your feed to be seen by as many people as possible or share it only with your friends - the choice is yours.

Invite via Twitter

By clicking on the appropriate button, you will be redirected to your Twitter page, where the text of the tweet and the link will be already written.

Invite via link

By copying the link, you can send it in any way convenient for you.

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