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Giving audio, or video feedback [PRO]
Giving audio, or video feedback [PRO]
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Once the submission is closed, the teacher has the opportunity to leave audio or video feedback on the student's performance. This function is available ONLY for PRO users.

To give audio or video feedback, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Reports section.

  2. Find the required report and click on the required student on the report page.

  3. Click "Add Feedback."

  4. In the pop-up window, choose whichever feedback you want to leave: written, audio, or video; if you choose the last two, click on the corresponding buttons.

  5. Once you have clicked on either "Record video" or "Record audio," you will be able to record no more than 1 min of the feedback.

  6. Click "Save Feedback."

  7. To share the feedback with the student, click the "Session link."

  8. You can edit feedback by clicking "Edit feedback" in the same pop-up window.

The student's work on which you leave feedback will be displayed in the reports section with the following icons:

Student's View

The Session link will redirect the students to the page with the recorded audio or video feedback.

This is what your audio feedback will look like:

This is what your video feedback will look like:

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