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The assessment of tasks on the Edform platform is automatic for all elements except for the open-ended, audio, and video question types.

For the system to automatically assess the correctness of the completed task and put a grade, you'll need to do the following in the builder:

  1. write the correct answer for each element;

  2. indicate an alternative response, if possible;

  3. indicate the maximum number of points for the question type, or leave the default point for all the elements, which can be changed in the worksheet settings. Read more about the default points here.

For scoring the manual-graded question type:

  1. Go to the reports section.

  2. Choose the needed report (running or completed) and click on it.

  3. Click on the video\audio response or open-ended field, and select the number of points for the task in the pop-up drop list.

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