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Upload documents from the computer
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To create an interactive online activity, you must upload your lesson to

There are three ways to upload a document to the builder:

  1. Upload using the "plus" button

    • Click "Create Edform" on the left bar of the main page.

    • Click on the "+" button to choose a needed document from your device.

    • Upload your file to the interactive worksheets builder;

  2. Upload using the Drag&Drop function

    • Click "Create Edform" on the left bar of the main page.

    • Open the folder on your computer with the document. Adjust the folder's size, so the page with the builder is visible.

    • Drag the document from the folder and drop it into the uploading area (marked with +).

  3. Upload using Chrome Extension "Edform for Teachers."

    • Download the extension from Google Chrome Web Store

    • Install it on your browser

    • Find or open a PDF doc in your browser. The Edform icon will appear on your screen once you open the document.

    • Click on the icon, and it will take you to Edform, where your worksheet is already loaded on the platform.

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