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The Information element allows you to add textual info that will be viewed by students only after clicking the info icon.


There are two ways to place the element in the needed area:

  • Click the element, and drag it to the necessary place while holding the mouse button and adjusting the size.

  • Сlick the element first, then click the desired spot. The field will appear in that spot. Adjust to the desired size.

Settings that you can set in the Add content:

  • Undo or Redo the action

  • Assign heading styles from 1 to 6.

  • Indicate a font type. Choose whether the text should be bold, italic, underlined, strikeout, superscripted, subscripted, or coded by selecting the corresponding option.

  • Choose textual blocks: set paragraph, blockquotes, div, pre.

  • Align the text. To justify the text click the button (full, left, center, right) to set the option.

  • Font. Choose whether the text should be bold or italic by clicking the corresponding icon.

  • Increase or decrease indent.

Manipulations that you can do with the element:

  • Adjust element size.

  • Move the element to a different place. To do this, hover over the field click, hold the six-dots icon, drag it where needed, and then release the button.

  • Duplicate the element by clicking the copy icon next to the Settings icon. A copy will appear below.

  • Remove the element from the worksheet by clicking the trash icon.

Student View

This is how your students will see the Information feature:


The element cannot be graded; therefore, it is not displayed in the reports section.

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